AGP Virtual Cards

We are a young company but we grew fast, thanks to the support of all our valuable cutomers.

AGP Virtual Cards


Get your one-use AGP Virtualcard through your AGP Account and use it immediately.

Safe and secure

It’s a virtual card that expires after one use, so it cannot be lost or stolen.

Worldwide acceptance

Use worldwide at millions of shops and ATMs.


Available in 3 different currencies – € Euro, £ GBP and $ USD.

AGP Virtual Card

Make safer payments online and over the phone with the virtual card.
It’s instantly available so you can start using it as soon as you select the option in your AGP Account.

How to get your AGP Virtual Card

Log in

Log in to your AGP Account or open a new account – it’s free, quick and easy.

Get your card

Simply select the AGP Virtual card option within your account.


Start spending immediately online or over the phone.

You can connect with us via Email.

*Beware of the emails with the question mark on their account profile photo. These are fake emails and not send by Amx Global Pay. Spammers do such emails by using Amx Global Pay’s email address but are not verified with the our servers. So whenever you find an email having an account profile photo with a question mark, stay away from these kinds of emails strictly.